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The Sand Bar, Sunken Island, Disappearing Island, The Atlantis of Hawaii, or as the Hawaiians named ,it Ahu o Laka, are all one in the same. This secluded turquoise oasis rests one mile offshore in the middle of Kane’ohe Bay.

The Sand Bar is a football field sized expanse of golden soft sand free of coral and rock. At high-tide the transparent water is barely waist-high; at low-tide the sand completely exposes itself leaving behind a mesmerizing beach with a stunning backdrop, the Ko’olau mountain range. Weekends can be busy, as it is a local favorite for BBQ’s and sunbathers; in contrast, weekdays the turtles and sea cucumbers have supreme reign along with perhaps a lonely sailboat or a kayak passing by. In sum any day you can get to the sand bar is bound to be a memorable experience. Don’t take our word, come and behold a true beauty of Mother Nature.

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