Meet Our Staff

Kama’aina Kids’ Kayak and Snorkel Team

You’re in good hands with the us!  All of our waterfront staff are lifeguard, CPR, first aid certified.  We are professional paddlers, sailors, and boaters.  And we are experts when it comes to Kane’ohe Bay.  Our staff have completed Hawaii Marine Animal Response training, Ocean Safety Management training, and NOAA’s Oahu Ocean Awareness Training, just to name a few.  We have NASBLA, ACA, and US Sailing Instructor level certifications.  We have unique backgrounds, but we all have one thing in common: our passion for this ocean ecosystem, and for sharing it with you!


Ocean Instructor

The tallest member of our waterfront instructor team, Yoni is originally from Jerusalem, Israel.  After giving up on being a Dead Sea freediver (too salty), Yoni came to Hawaii in 2019 and found an ocean paradise that captivated his soul.  When Yoni isn’t setting you up for the kayak and snorkel experience of a lifetime, he’s either surfing or out exploring Kane’ohe Bay for himself.  From his time as a live-in caretaker at a local animal sanctuary, Yoni is also our resident expert for all the land animals that frequent He’eia State Park.  Now as part of our team, Yoni gets to share his love for the ocean with everybody he meets here at He’eia State Park.   * No sharks were harmed in the making of Yoni’s profile picture! *


General Manager/Waterfront Program Director

Originally from Wilmington, Delaware, Andy came to Hawaii in 2008 in search of a career in ocean eco-tourism. Where better than Hawaii to be able to kayak and snorkel year-round? The years go by like days in Hawaii, probably because of that endless summer feel, and like never land, you grow old but you don’t grow up. One thing that hasn’t changed is Andy’s passion for sharing the wonders of Hawaii’s marine ecosystems with others. A member of the Kama’aina Kids Kayak and Snorkel team since 2013, Andy is a proud steward of He’eia State Park and Kane’ohe Bay.


Ocean Instructor

A Long Beach, California native, Kevin now calls Kane’ohe home.  As a Natural Resource Environmental Management major in college, Kevin came to He’eia State Park to intern for his degree.  After graduating, Kevin joined the team full time and is now our most senior ocean activity instructor.  He also leads our Kama’aina Kids summer day camp waterfront program.  In 2018, Kevin was recognized by the Sustainable Tourism Association of Hawaii as Oahu’s Guide of the Year!  Kevin has expert knowledge of the bay, and a passion for trying to make each guest’s experience the most memorable of all their Hawaiian adventures!