Kayak and Snorkel Rentals

Single Kayak (for 1 person): from $69

Tandem Kayak (for 2 people): from $89

Quick Details

Location: He’eia State Park on Kane’ohe Bay

Hours: Monday-Saturday, 8:00am-4:00pm, closed on Sundays and federal holidays.  All kayaks must be returned no later than 4:00pm.

Check-In: Flexible check-in times available starting at 8:00am for half-day and full day rentals.  2:30pm cut off for check-in.


Kane’ohe Bay is the ocean.  Fortunately it is the flattest, calmest, safest body of water on Oahu, and it is not exposed to open ocean swell or waves, meaning ocean swell and wave conditions do not affect us.  But this is still a wilderness, ocean kayaking experience.

Wind, rain, and tide may affect your experience and you will be exposed to the day’s weather and ocean conditions.  It is your responsibility to be aware of the conditions before you depart.  You can always call us for updates on conditions and forecasts.

We operate rain or shine.  We do not cancel because of rain or chance of rain. The chance of scattered or isolated showers is very common on Oahu’s windward side.  And kayaking in the ocean requires you to get wet anyway, so we’re not afraid of the rain.

We cancel only if wind and/or ocean conditions meet our specific criteria for being potentially unsafe or unreasonable to let people go kayaking.

There is also no guarantee of making it to one particular destination or another.  Kane’ohe Bay is a large bay. Feasible paddling distances vary based on conditions and personal ability level.  Wherever your destination, it is your responsibility to manage your time and be sure you are able to make it back under your own power.  DO NOT EXCEED YOUR ABILITY OR COMFORT LEVEL.

Cancelation Policy

‘Day of’ and ‘day before’ the reservation cancelations are not refundable if we operate.  We have a limited number of kayaks and we do often become fully booked.  If you reserve more kayaks than you end up needing, you may take only what you need, but we do NOT refund on the day of if you need less than you reserved.  Make sure you reserve the correct number of kayaks for the number of people in your party.  

Restrictions and Capacities

Basic swimming ability is required for all participants, regardless of age.  

Ages 3 and up, no exceptions.  

US Coast Guard requirements mandate that every person, regardless of age, must have a life jacket on board.  Children ages 12 and under are legally required to wear their life jacket at all times while kayaking. 

Our tandem kayaks have a weight limit of 500lbs.  For paddlers weighing over 250lbs, it may be recommended to take a tandem kayak set up in a solo configuration for better leg room and stability.  

Tandem kayaks are suitable for 2 adults and 1-2 small children, depending on the size of the children, but not for 3 adults.  


What to Bring

We recommend to bring everything you would bring for a day at the beach, including a towel, a change of clothes, swimwear/footwear that can get wet/dirty, *reef-safe* sun protection, and food and drinks.  


We do not have lockers or any place to leave valuables on site.  We can keep car keys in our office, but only keys.  We do rent waterproof dry bags and coolers for anything you bring that you want to take out on the water with you.  It’s best to pack light and don’t bring too much that you won’t actually want to have while out on the water.   
Points of Interest and Destinations in Kane'ohe Bay


  • Ahu o Laka, aka “Sunken Island”, aka the one and only Kane’ohe Sandbar! : This is certainly the most popular destination, but keep in mind it is also the longest paddle.  Most of the time the sandbar is submerged roughly 1-3′ deep.  It is always shallow enough to stand in the sand, but an exposed beach appears only with extreme low tides.  Check with us for wind and tide predictions before you go.  
  • The patch reefs : Kane’ohe Bay is alive with dozens of unique coral reef formations known as patch reefs.  They are patches all over the bay, various distances from our starting point, where massive coral reefs have grown from the depths.  Many of them that are reachable by kayak have shallow, sandy areas where you can get out of the kayak, stand, and anchor in the sand.  These reefs are made of the healthiest living coral you’ll find anywhere on Oahu, and in our opinion the best snorkeling on Oahu!
  • Sunken City : Left over from a failed conceptual experiment, the “Sunken City” is a formation of tall foundation posts that are sunken into the bay floor near one of the many patch reef areas.  Over the years coral has grown and formed around these structures.  This is one possible snorkeling site.
  • The fringing reef : The fringing reef is all around our shoreline.  It is a shallow, mostly sandy area that extends out several hundred feet from shore.  This is always a beginner friendly area, where you never have to go out in water that’s deeper than you can stand if you don’t want to, and you can always get out and stand in the sand.  The water inside the fringing reef will always be a the calmest.  This is a good place to practice in the beginning of adventure. 
  • He’eia Fishpond : This ancient Hawaiian fishpond is one of the largest and most intact in all of Hawai’i.  It is private property, so we are not permitted to land on, climb on, or touch or go inside the wall.  But it is a true icon of ancient Hawaiian culture, and by kayak is the best way to get an awesome close up look!
  • Moku o Loe, aka Coconut Island, aka Gilligan’s Island! : This island is actually private property.  It is operated by UH’s Hawai’i Institute of Marine Biology.  We are not permitted to land on Coconut Island, but by kayak is a great way to get a close up look!

Single Kayak (for 1 person): from $69

Tandem Kayak (for 2 people): from $89