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The famous Kane'ohe Sandbar, aka Ahu o Laka, aka the Sunken Island is by any name an absolute must-see destination of windward Oahu! Roughly one mile directly offshore from our location at He'eia State Park, it is very accessible by kayak! On an average day with on-shore trade wind breezes, it's usually about 30-40 minutes of paddling each way to reach this one-of-a-kind oasis.

Almost half a mile wide and over one mile across, at high tide the sandbar may be waist deep and still a perfect place to anchor up and bask in the bay with the panoramic view of Oahu's Ko'olau Mountains in the background. At certain low tides it appears as a completely dry beach over a mile out in the ocean! We can help you determine the wind and tide forecast and pick the best time to get out there and experience the world-famous sandbar for yourself!

Come experience the best kayaking, sailing and snorkeling on Oahu!