We are a non-profit Kama'aina Kids program. These activities directly fund He'eia State Park. |
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Kama‘aina Kids

Kama‘aina Kids is a private, non-profit, multi-service organization dedicated to serving children and their families through quality childcare programs. Our services include, but are not limited to, preschool programs, before & after school programs, day camps, environmental education programs, enrichment programs, sports clinics, and hotel and convention childcare programs.

Kama‘aina Kids is made up of several divisions employing approximately 1,000 employees and serving nearly 9,700 children and families daily. We are currently one of the largest childcare providers in the State of Hawaii.

Kama'aina Kids leases He'eia State Park from the State of Hawaii. As stewards of He'eia State Park, we are able to offer a variety of community services and programs from this beautiful and historic place. The Kama'aina Kayak and Snorkel Eco-Venture program, in accordance with our lease, offers educational and recreational opportunities on the bay. This program literally funds the management, restoration, and upkeep of He'eia State Park. Kama'aina Kids actually ran its first waterfront program ever at He'eia State Park in 1987, a summer day camp for local youth, and we've been offering quality waterfront programs and activities to local residents and visitors of all ages ever since! To learn more about the different services Kama'aina Kids provides, check out www.kamaainakids.com

He'eia State Park

He‘eia State Park is located on the east coast, or windward Oahu. Visitors and locals alike have been drawn to the windward coast of Oahu for its lush rain forests, beautiful beaches and bays, and for the local feel of traditional Hawaii. Our ocean activities access Kane'ohe Bay from He'eia State Park's one-of-a-kind waterfront. Everything is set up on the water's edge, ready to go. The bay is known for spectacular reefs, stunning views of the Ko‘olau Mountains, calm waters, and the famous Kane'ohe Sandbar.

Kane'ohe Bay contains Oahu’s only barrier reef which protects the bay from open ocean current and swell. Since the bay is so calm and protected, coral is able to grow much more abundantly, and tropical marine life abounds. Our activities will take you to some of the best snorkeling spots on the island. The most stunning parts of the bay are only accessible by kayak or sailboat.

He‘eia State Park, also known as Ke'alohi Point, has a rich and unique history dating back to ancient Hawaiian culture. Right next door to He'eia Fishpond, another icon of ancient Hawaiian culture, the park's 18-acre waterfront peninsula was considered a 'leaping point' for the souls of the departed. Now that it's a state park, Kama'aina Kids is dedicated to restoring and preserving He'eia so that it will continue to be a beautiful and special place in the community for generations to come.

Also check out www.heeiastatepark.org to learn more about what Kama'aina Kids has to offer here!

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