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Chinaman's Hat, or Mokoliʻi, is a basalt volcanic rock islet at the very northernmost tip of Kane'ohe Bay. Located just offshore of Kualoa Beach Park, this tiny island was once connected to Oahu before erosion separated it. At very low tides it is still possible to walk to Chinaman's Hat, but be careful you don't get stuck when the tide comes in!
Mokoli'i is one of five offshore islets visible in Kane'ohe Bay. You can see it from He'eia State Park, but being roughly five miles away to the north end of the bay, it is a little too far to kayak to. If you're interested in getting a closeup view of this iconic offshore island, and many pristine, and abundant snorkeling sites in-between, our Hobie Catamarans are the best way to go!

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